Wherever you live, your health and security must be your priority. Your oral health is really important, as it can be the root cause of all of your problems. There are some cities in the world, where dental care is too expensive, or it is not available at every place at all. So wherever you are planning to visit just be sure that the city has all the security measures and health policies to look after you. Let’s talk about the world’s favourite city – Dubai, where finding a place is not a problem at all. If you want to live in an opulent apartment, then check out the Port De La Mer apartments for sale.

Dental care is important, even if you don’t feel any problem with your oral health, still, you should go for an annual checkup, it may save you from the emergency pain you will face later.

Here is a list of some best dental care service in Dubai that you might be interested in


It is situated at the Jumeirah and was established in 1996 and now has almost 8 dentists with different specializations. Their services are vast and it may include Cosmetic Dentistry, periodontics, orthodontics, Implantology, and others. The dentists are professional and most of them are Western and Arabic, and the ratio of the males and females are equal in the field of dentistry.

Their professional dentists and high-tech equipment which focus on customer care, promises to make you experience comfort and relaxation. The timings of the clinics are from 8 am to 6 pm, and are open six days a week from Saturday to Thursday. You can know more about the British Dental Clinic by visiting their websites, the reviews are consistently good that shows customer satisfaction, only the reviews are 4 or 5 stars ratings.


It is just three minutes away from the trade center, exactly located at the Satwa. Dr. Afzal is the main senior dentist here, having a degree in Australia, and additional training from Switzerland, and five years in the UK. There is also a supporting doctor in the Clinic, with a specialization in orthodontics, Dr. Sameer. The clinic opens from Saturday to Thursday from 9 am to 1 pm, again opens from 5 pm to 10 pm. It is convenient for many people to meet an appointment in the evenings. Friday is the holiday in the Middle East, so only emergency appointments are entertained on Friday.


It is located on the 21st floor of the Burjuman Business Tower, the Dubai sky clinic has aligned its treatment room to provide high-quality dental care. There is a TV for each of the dental chairs to entertain the patient while being checked up, you can enjoy any movie or listen to a wide variety of songs also provided at the clinic to provide you with a relaxing environment. The dentists are professionals and almost all of them are from different countries like Germany, France, the US, and Lebanon. Their main focus is to pay attention to the latest treatments and customer service so you don’t have to worry much about their services. The timings of the clinic are from 9 am to 9 pm and open 7 days a week. The reviews and ratings for this dental clinic are pleasant and the staff is very friendly.


This unique dental clinic is something you will not find somewhere else in the Middle East, committed to enhancing your beauty, and health. Their services are more towards the cosmetics and beauty side like cosmetic dentistry, dermatology, chiropractic care, focused on maintaining health and enhancing beauty. The environment can be easily guessed by the name of the clinic, the Dental Spa, the environment is relaxing and comfortable. There are warm scented towels, slow music, neck pillows with aroma, and comfortable blankets, which is all you need while you want to relax.

The city of Dubai has all the things that you want to have in your life, but health should be your priority whenever you think about relocating yourself. There are many dental care services in Dubai where you can go and get your treatment done under the supervision of professionals. You should think about shifting to this city, and if you are then must check out District One Dubai Villas for sale for living.

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